Water park modernization investments

The history and evolution of water parks is one clear example of high-impact investment in the entertainment business. Unfortunately, there is no available information regarding inventor of such business model initially, but we can say with certainty that it has proven to be exceedingly profitable and rewarding.

Because of its high economic efficiency, the water park sector has grown quickly. The first seaside water parks estimated cost is $500 thousand and these investments paid off in just a few months of operation - just one season. The hot sun, seawater, and the availability of a few modest water slides were so popular with vacationers that copycat aqua parks began to arise other countries and resort locations with a warm marine environment. Soon after, indoor water parks appeared in nations with less favorable climate and weather circumstances. Their payback term was not a few months, but a couple of years, making them appealing to investors, and as a result, more and more investors participated in such projects.

Water Park project

Many of today's famous and popular water parks are old, built decades ago. However, any old water park can be given new life and a steady income. All that is required is competent reconstruction and modernization. The latter keeps visitors returning to a location they've already visited. If it is a resort town that attracts tourists of the same target audience and financial level year after year, it is preferable to renovate it every three to four years in order to keep visitors interested and attract new ones. In the complex's advertising campaign, modernization is an effective marketing technique. The average investment in modernization will be around $200,000, depending on the element of modernization and the layout of the water park.

Every three to four years, we recommend a modernization. Such investments will typically begin at $200,000. A new waterslide or swimming pool, a mechanical or interactive attraction, a new relaxation area, new landscape and design features, rocks or fountains are all examples of water park modernization.

The Wave Pool

To increase the emotional appeal of having fun in the aqua zone, the renovation concept proposes building pools with artificially made waves, similar to sea surf-wave pools.

This pool has several features, some of which are listed below:

  • The wave effect is a popular kind of entertainment. While the beach is serene, the water park is a whirlwind of emotions.
  • The desire for humans to enjoy crystal clear water, to bask in the surf, and to rock on the waves spurred the development of swimming pools with artificial waves and beach areas, which can be blended into the natural landscape or even become the major part of artificial leisure zones.
  • Large capacity. In contrast to the water slide, it allows you to simultaneously engage a huge number of people (from 120 people at one time and more). There is no age limit for visitors.
  • There is an appropriate and safe water level for children, teenagers, and adults.

These characteristics have made this form of pool quite prevalent and popular throughout the world. A modern water park would be tough to envision without a wave pool.

Wave pool for water park

A wave pool is a bowl with a smooth beach entry. There are wave generating blocs in the deep end of the pool. We create the appearance of "sea waves" in the pool using cameras and wave generators. The more blocks there are, the more interesting and varied the waves and their rhythm might be.

The present, widely developed trend is the development of combined wave pools, which began to include children's, hydromassage zones, and areas for wellness swimming, all based on the principle of water flow (cascades, fountains, "water mushroom," and so on). In this scenario, the wave pools serve a leisure and recreational function and are created with a variety of geometric shapes that serve an architectural and compositional function while taking into account the terrain of the site and the thematic design of the water park.

Technologies for creating waves in swimming pools

There are various basic strategies for how these systems work, in addition to the growing quantity, variety of shapes, and uses of wave pools:

  • Using a mechanical drive (a pendulum-wave generator with a volumetric (ball) or flat (vertical plate) that executes periodic oscillations, resulting in a wave). A computer controls the pendulum. Wave pools with this kind of drive are ideal for small public pools in hotels, resorts, and so on. Waves in such pools reach a low height and have a variable period of oscillation.
  • Powered by hydraulic cylinders (the wave generator is a movable horizontal plate positioned in the deep zone of the pool). Today, this circuit diagram is rarely and infrequently used.
  • Using pneumatic drive (a powerful air generator functions as a wave generator, creating a periodic pressure in a particular chamber, the force of which acts on the water surface). This is the most prevalent system at the moment, with an average wave height of 1M and a maximum height of 3M. This method generates waves that are as near to natural as possible. There are specific specifications for the form and size of the bowl in wave pools with pneumatic wave drive.

The Surf Ride

The popularity of new extreme water sports and amusement (water skiing, surfing) necessitated the development of stable conditions for pleasure and training, which resulted in the development of novel gadgets. The architecture of dynamic water flow surfing rides and water sports facilities is extremely intriguing. Japan was the first country to have a man-made wave surfing pool (with adjustable height and speed).

Today's surfing pools give you the sensation of actual surfing while keeping you entirely secure. They draw a large crowd to observe the attempts to control the wave. The artificially regulated wave created by the propeller pumps installed in the pump section, as well as the unique shape of the surface, allows beginners to take their first steps on the board safely (the soft coating allows them to fall without risk of injury), and professionals to demonstrate all of their skills and talents. The availability of a completely new experience for water park visitors is a significant advantage of this attraction.

A major amusement park or water park, as well as a hotel or sports complex, can all benefit from a surf system. Manufacturers each have their own design strategy. Some attractions, for example, are quite light but resistant to exterior physical impacts, while others have a stainless steel and concrete foundation. Each has a high level of safety: a thin layer of water prevents you from drowning, and the soft coating absorbs the impact, leaving the person unharmed. The ride's water speed is completely adjustable.

Surf pool for water park

How does the surf pool function?

The surfing area, the departure area, the pedestrian areas, and the technical room area are the key components of the attraction. The wave is created by pumping water upwardly over the surface and adjusting the speed and strength on the control panel. When the water flow reaches the outlet area, it drains into the tank by gravity through special openings. Water is pumped from the reservoir to the surf zone via nozzles using at least one centrifugal propeller pump, which is controlled by the control panel. The surf zone base is built to withstand the impact of falling surfers.

Mobile surfing is a form of attraction that is available to anyone who want to enjoy this type of leisure. You can only rent it, not own it. It is based on the concept of a mobile entertainment park.

The water park's artificial river / rafting river

Visitors love the lovely artificial rivers. Their function can be completely different: it can be a relaxing river (Lazy River), or it can be a river to overcome obstacles (Fast River), or it can be an extreme river for rafting activities.

A river is an element that can be both a connector between elements of water parks or full zones and a standalone element. The capacity of this attraction is considerable. Its presence in the water park infrastructure allows you to create a "false" impression that there are less tourists than there are.

Please contact ExpertFun's commercial department if you have any queries about the design, purchasing, and installation of wave pools, surfing pools, and artificial rivers for water parks.

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