Hotel water park: +35% profit for your company

The prevailing tourism and hotel sector in the UAE demonstrates a consistent interest in the creation and popularisation of aquatic and entertainment facilities. Every year, hotels and amusement parks construct state-of-the-art water parks. These are big-scale facilities spread across enormous areas. They are distinguished by a huge variety of amusement attractions, swimming pools, and family-friendly services. Such a tendency is to be expected: global demand for water activities is increasing, and the UAE market is no exception. The line at the water park's entrance is not uncommon. Many people desire to experience active recreation in a pleasant setting rather than just relax. Hotels with water parks earn 30-35% more than identical facilities without entertainment infrastructure. 

The water park project is no longer a standalone structure.The so-called expediency concept has gained currency. They are increasingly being integrated into existing hotels, entertainment centres, amusement parks, and so on.

A hotel with a water park is one of the most popular types of vacation accommodations anywhere in the world. Such a decision is reasonable because it offers numerous advantages.One of the most essential aspects in selecting an accommodation facility is the diversity of hotel services and the level of comfort. Tourists arrive, evaluate the hotel's service, and as a result, form an opinion of their entire tour. And what could be better than a hotel that has everything you need, from a traditional spa to a full water park that you can access by simply walking into another building of the hotel? A traveller will almost certainly return to such a hotel. Adults and children both require entertainment. First and foremost, it affects visitors who came here on purpose. Visitors who come to the city for business, on the other hand, desire to unwind after a long day of work, getting away from routine and issues. Hotel owners are aware of all of this. That is why they provide entertainment facilities in their facilities, which results in high profitability rates.

A hotel water park is a collection of amenities that allows tourists to spend their time enjoying themselves. The most notable of the services are as follows:

  • Wellness: It is accomplished through pool swimming. Additional health equipment, such as whirlpool areas and aromatherapy, can be added to the pool. Even if no further equipment is available, the opportunity to swim in clean water and relax is beneficial to the body.
  • SPA: a modern water park that includes a spa or sauna;
  • Entertainment: This is the water park's first purpose. Adults can enjoy a selection of extreme and high-speed water rides, while youngsters can enjoy aqua-towns

A hotel with a water park is no longer an oddity in the UAE, but rather a growing trend. Consumers generate demand, which leads to an expansion in the number of such facilities throughout the country's resort areas. Furthermore, the construction of hotels featuring a water park is part of the government's tourism development objectives. The sector is effectively developing, allowing entrepreneurs to undertake a financially sound concept. There are also plans to transform the existing area in the hotel pools into a water park complete with all of the necessary entertainment facilities.

Another significant advantage of locating a water park within a hotel is that the facility becomes more appealing to guests. Assume you and your family are looking for a hotel and have two options: one with or without a water park. Clearly, the first option is preferred. Furthermore, the object's owner will have an additional source of revenue. Visitors are willing to spend money on such leisure activities, especially because there is no need to go anyplace. Even if a person did not intend to attend a water park, the proximity of such a few steps may persuade them to do so.

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