Aqua Disco


Aqua Disco

“Aqua Disco” is an attraction that will further extend attendance of your Water park by retaining the visitors from late evening till early morning. Customers will be delighted by the unforgettable parties on the water, it will diversify and decorate their leisure in your water park. 

The modular design of the Aqua Disco system allows its installation on the area starting from 15 m2 and more. It can be used either as a part of an existing water entertainment zone for children and adults or as a separate element of your water park

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Aqua Disco for water parks

“Aqua Disco” is an interactive dance floor for water parks and water zones of hotel complexes and resorts. The running principle of the Aqua Disco is in operating a system of mini-fountains in rhythm with the music and interaction with the movements of visitors. The device can be additionally equipped with a laser show and foaming machine for throwing “foam parties”.

To install the Aqua Disco an area of 15 to 150 m2 would be required, which will allow to install it on both a new object and at the existing water park at the modernization stage.

An unforgettable design of a working Aqua Disco, the rhythm of modern popular music, foam and light effects will make your site the most popular venue for discos.

waterpark aqua disco
waterpark aqua disco
waterpark aqua disco
waterpark aqua disco
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aqua disco pool
aqua disco pool
aqua disco pool
aqua disco pool

Due to the Aqua Disco your water park will be the center of attraction for all young people, attendance rate of the complex will grow and the working hours of the water park will increase from traditional 10-12 hrs./day up to 16-18 hrs.

We offer services for individual design and calculation of equipment for the Aqua Disco. The device can be acquired on a “turn-key” basis or separately the required components with assembling services and equipment launch control.

Aqua Disco in your object is guaranteed to become a local landmark and a center of attraction of new visitors.

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