Design works, engineering and construction, installation and launch of surf-pools.

The unique structure of a surf-pool allows you to simulate a shape and speed of the ocean waves and perfectly suits for surfing lessons. Flexible running system of a surf-pool enables its use for both newcomers and experienced “conquerors of waves”.

“Surf-Pool” is one of the most popular elements of entertainment infrastructure in the water park and a great magnet to attract new visitors.

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Pools for surfing / Surf Pool

Pool for surfing was specifically designed to get thrills and bright emotions. Regardless of your location and weather, your visitors will be able to experience the true pleasure of surfing.

“Surf Pool” attraction is gaining popularity among the visitors of water parks worldwide each year. This pool can become your primary competitive advantage over competitors, and a point of attraction of new clients.

The main advantage of a surf-pool is that it is relatively compact (from 16 m x7 m), due to which you can install such a pool at the stage of modernization of the already functioning water park without allocating an additional zone and its improvement.

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The capacity of a Surf Pool is at least 120 persons/hour. Typically, a surf-pool is offered to the water park visitors for extra charge, which provides good payback both the pool and its maintenance cost.

Pool for surfing can be used for sporting events and demonstration performances of trained athletes. Visitors of your water park will be with genuinely interested in watching them.

It is easy to order calculation and buy a surf-pool- just leave an order on our website and EF specialists will prepare an optimal for your request commercial proposal in the shortest possible time.

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