Lazy river for Water parks


Lazy river for Water parks

Design works, engineering and constructure, installation and launch of the Lazy River for a water park.

"Lazy River" is the best and the most convenient way to travel from one part of the water park to another. Wonderful water park entertainment infrastructure element allows you to relax and unwind without leaving the pool.  

This particular type of attraction can be either a separate element in the water park or complement the functionality of the swimming pool.

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Lazy River for a water park

“Lazy River” or a slow river is a popular element of entertaining infrastructure in any water park. They are pools in the form of rivers, ranging from a few dozens to a few hundred meters. In such a pool a pump system maintains a constant current for a given direction with a speed of the flow from 0.5 to 1.5 m/s. To ensure the proper level of security for visitors of the water park, the depth of the lazy/slow river is 0.8 - 1.2 m.

Our proposed systems for the Slow River are equipped with specialized pumps with a modified shape of the impeller, designed to maintain the required flow with reduced power consumption. This technology allows you to reduce power consumption more than three times compared to the competitors’ solutions.

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Power consumption of the Slow River with the length of 250-300 m and the capacity up to 1,400 m3 of water will be only 40 kW with a guaranteed flow rate of 1.5 m/sec.

Lazy River in your water park gives both fun and bright emotions to visitors of the pool that will create a unique atmosphere in the water park - the shape of the river, its curves and trajectory will create the most colorful picture of the site in the eyes of the visitor.

Purchase and installation of a slow/lazy river in your water park is guaranteed to provide a rise in the number of visitors, will increase their average stay in the water park and thereby improve the profitability of the entire facility as a whole.

Here you can order Lazy River as a turn-key solution, as well as separately design services, equipment supply and installation. Installation of equipment and launch can be performed by local contractors under the supervision of our engineers with full warranty for you.

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