Wave pools


Wave pools

Design works, engineering and constructure, installation and launch of the swimming pools with wave motion system.

It is the most popular type of swimming pools in any water-entertainment facility, equally referring to both public pools and water attractions. A wave pool in your water park is a “warm and clean sea” all year round regardless of the whims of nature.

“Wave Pool” will set the right mood of relaxation and fun to all visitors of your water park without exception.

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Wave pool

It is undoubtedly one of the main centers of attraction for your existing and new clients. According to experts, not a single modern water park can be considered complete today without a wave pool. Wave pool provide opportunities for visitors of all ages to experience vivid emotions while visiting your water park. Our facilities’ experience shows a significant increase in profitability and average duration of the client’s stay on the territory of the water park after launching a wave pool at the modernization stage.

Due to the rapid development of technology, today we can offer pneumatic systems for wave generation for pools of any size, with the ability to generate waves with a height of 10 cm to 1.5 m.

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The heart of a wave pool are pneumatic cameras with a valve system and a compressor. Operation of a wave pool is carried out in an automatic or manual mode with the possibility to change the algorithm of work, time lengths and site load by visitors.

We offer our services at any stage of the wave pool project implementation ranging from the wave pool design, calculation of concrete structures and equipment prior to the construction, installation and launch of the wave pool.

In case of necessity our professionals can provide fixing, maintenance and adjustment of the equipment of the wave pool.

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