Paid access system and HPL walk-in closets

We offer equipment for automation of public facilities. Group entrance equipment, box office unit equipment with access control turnstiles for visitors entry and count. Complete turn-key assembly of all automation components with the ability to integrate cash and wireless payment systems. 

Specialized equipment for pass and access control for visitors and staff. Integration of wireless payment system within points of sales by authorization via contactless bracelets or cards.

Contactless bracelets in a silicone moisture resistant coating enable registration and headcount of visitors, authorization of payment systems for services and goods. 

Furniture, storage cells and lockers from moisture-resistant HPL plastic are equipped with electronic system and manufactured to serve under excessive humidity or extreme environment.

Technical solution for automation of a public access and individual lockers underlies security of the facility for both its owner and visitors. Installation of a financial automation system will eliminate the turnover of cash at numerous points of sale on campus. Visitors, in their turn, will be able to oversee their expenses at any time.   

Automated software system of a water park, fitness center or other public zone of activities will ensure registration, headcount and research ofcustomer habits, preferences and the popularity of the goods and services. The data will be accumulated and stored in a single software database which is an indispensable information for marketing and promotion events.

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