Dragero / Whizzard

A unique water attraction combines sections of several attractions on one trajectory. The motion begins with an enclosed high-speed chute, passes through the circle of 360°, and at the exit of the circular movement continues in an open chute with sharp acceleration. 

The attraction can be executed in two, three, four or more lanes spectrum, allowing visitors to descend on the same trajectory while competing in the speed of descent.

Technical specifications

Diameter / Width  650-1000 mm * x
Angle of slope  10-40%
People bandwidth  120 p/hour * x
Water supply  90 m3/hour * x 




It is difficult to imagine a functioning water park today without a water slide Multislide. A classic competitive attraction has been enjoying continued popularity worldwide for many decades.

Waterslide Multislide can range from two lanes to a dozen or more, allowing simultaneous competitive descent for large groups of riders. Such an attraction has a high bandwidth and greatly facilitates the work of the water park during peak loads. The attraction does not require a large amount of water supply that significantly affects energy efficiency.

Technical specifications

Diameter / Width  900 mm * x
Angle of slope  20- 40 %
People bandwidth  120 p/hour * x
Water supply  60 m3/hour * x

King Cobra

Only a few years have passed since the presentation of the attraction King Cobra as it won the hearts of customers and owners of water parks. One of the most striking and impressive water rides in the industry.

King Cobra will become a real magnet for visitors of your water park and its central ornament. This competitive attraction can be themed specifically for your water park, in your style and signature colors.

On the selection, design, installation and maintenance of water slides of racing series please contact the commercial Department of the ExpertFun company. We will find the best manufacturer with optimal technical and cost proposal for your facility and the competitive environment in the region, and will also accompany the contract and offer the best warranty.

Technical specifications

Diameter / Width  2*1400 / 3300-15700 mm
Angle of slope  10-40%
People bandwidth  120 p/hour * 4
Water supply  340 m3/hour 

Водные горки гоночное серии предлагают посетителям уникальный опыт спуска на скоростном аттракционе соревнуясь в тоже время со своими друзьями или другими посетителями аквапарка. Неоспоримым преимуществом такого аттракциона в вашем аквапарке является азарт и соревновательный эффект для посетителя, а также большая пропускная способность этого аттракциона, благодаря одновременному спуску до 8-10 посетителей.

Конструкция водной горки соревновательного типа предусматривает практически идентичную траекторию и длину спуска для каждого из посетителей, благодаря чему и достигается соревновательный эффект. Траектория спуска в таких аттракционах может совмещать в себе как прямые скоростные отрезки, так и движение по спирали с различными радиусами поворотов и скорости. 

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