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Investment attractiveness of water entertainment business is drawing more and more attention of potential investors. One of the most common stop factors for potential investors in the domestic market is the question of land plot for the object location. Remoteness from the place of residence of vacationers in resort areas, a short-term lease agreement for the land plot and other legal subtleties of the land market which do not allow to consider long-term business on the land plot can equally negatively affect the business development of the water park.

A comprehensive offer "Mobile water park" allows you to actively participate in the entertainment market, with high rates of profitability, without relying on the property status of the land plot. For the operation of the mini-water park you need an area sized 30x50 m for the location of the main elements: platforms with launch pads, attractions and receiving chutes. In addition to the plot it is offered to reserve an area of at least 2000 m2 for the location of sunbeds, mini-bars and coffee shops.

The main feature of the proposal is that this ready-made "all inclusive" solution combines all necessary systems for the functioning of a water park and can be installed at any point and change, if necessary, its location even within the season. Assembly and installation of the complex takes only 1-2 working days, after which your water park will be able to receive visitors.

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All water rides can be additionally equipped with sound and light effects. The term of the complex production varies from 4 to 5 months.

Slides are made taking into account the requirements of the European standard EN1069. Factory warranty for all products is 24 months. 

The complex " Mobile water park" includes:

-Water attraction Body Slide, diameter 1000 mm, length 50 m;

-Water attraction, Multislide width 3600 mm, length 15 meters;

-Water attraction Kamikaze, width 1000 mm, length 15 meters;

-Children's water playground with soft cover;

-Launch pads of water attractions with hot-galvanized metal ladders;

- Inhibition chutes for water attractions;

-Handrails and barriers made of stainless steel;

-Water treatment and water supply systems to the attractions;

-9 automobile platforms to accommodate the water park;

-Assembly mounting kit and necessary materials for the installation of the water park;

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