Water play structures


Water play structures

Nowadays, children's attractions are not just a miniature copy of standard water slides for adults, but rather a separate sphere of design and production. Combining several children's attractions on one site gave birth to the first aqua-towns. 

A children's aqua-town is a modern modular structure which combines children's attractions of any kind including thematic design and decoration items as well as providing a playground for children. This element of a modern water park offers the youngest visitors with not only the slides but also a full-fledged gaming zone.

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Water playgrounds for children

Baby water playgrounds or aqua-towns is a traditional place of gathering and the central element for children of the whole water park. This element of the water park infrastructure plays one of the major roles, because it is often the children who define the duration of stay in the water park.

Any parent would agree that if a child is not interested in this or that particular place they will do everything to avoid that place, and, vice versa, if a child likes the playground, animation and numerous entertainment, they will forget about everything and it will be hard to convince them to leave this place. It is the period of stay in the water park that determines the average receipt size of the visitor and the profitability of the entire facility.

It is easy enough to buy a children's aqua-town or a water playground. You just need to define the location site, give our experts the desired dimensions of the new or existing pool, and together assess the requested capacity.

The main advantage of water sites is their modular design that allows you to collect the necessary configuration, a set of entertaining items and theming.


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We offer children's water playgrounds and aqua-towns ranging from 12 m2 to 800-1000 m2 with a capacity of 12 to 300 children at a one-time use. The cost of a new water playground is calculated individually upon its configuration starting from € 30,000.

In order to retain an interest in children's water venues as long as possible, it can combine entertaining, educational and competitive elements, most mini-copies of attractions for adults, ladders, slides, chutes, fountains, waterfalls etc. 

Our experts will develop the optimal configuration of your water town and offer the best cost, taking into account the region of operation and the preferences of its potential visitors.

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