Kid's water slides


Kid's water slides

Water slides for kids are the most important element for any water park; the duration of a family’s stay at the water park usually depends on how much the children are interested in playing on the kids’ slides. 

We offer a "mini-version" of virtually all water slides available in our portfolio. Children get immense pleasure from riding on the same type of slides as adults, with similar exciting experience in an absolute safety. A nicely equipped and diverse range of children's attractions in your water park will ensure a high attendance rate, customer retention and contineous visits.

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A unique colorful toy will complement any kid's pool. “Octopus” is a favourite attraction and game site for all children in a water park. A children's water playground is equipped with three separate staircases and three descents that allow a large number of children to enjoy it at the same time.

Due to its attractive and colorful design, in addition to its basic functions, this children's water playground is a favorite spot for taking photos of young visitors.

Technical specifications

Dimensions    6.75*6.35*3.0 m
Start height   1.5 m
Age of visitors   >3 <10 years
Water supply   60 m3/hour


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Mini Turbolance

A mini-copy of  “Turbolance” attraction is themed and styled is for installation in the children's areas of water parks. Children with the height of over 1 m can ride on this slide absolutely safely. A joint descent of children with their parents is also possible, which adds to pleasant emotions for the whole family. 

“Mini Turbolance” waterslide will also add to the attractiveness of your playground and the whole water park in general, thanks to its bright design. The design, choice of colors and theming can be selected individually for your object.

Technical specifications

Diameter / Width   1400-6000 mm
Angle of slope   14-20%
People bandwidth   120*2 p/hour
Water supply    130 m3/hour


Waterslide Elephant will perfectly decorate any children's pool in the hotel or water park. Children feel happy to go down this attraction again and again. Its dimensions and technical parameter allow children to ride without adult supervision.

Technical specifications

Dimensions    6.1*1.35*2.55 m
Start height    2.0 m
Age of visitors   >3 <7 years
Water supply    8 m3/hour


The waterslide “Frog” is for the youngest visitors of your water park, aged 3 to 10. External attractiveness, ease of installation and safe operation make this slide irreplaceable in any children's pool.

The children's water attraction “Frog” can be located both within the pool, and alongside the swimming pool with the descent into the water.

Technical specifications

Dimensions   2.5*2.5*1.65 m
Start height   1.4 m
Age of visitors   >3 <10 years
Water supply     4 m3/hour


The waterslide “Rainbow” is an affordable and easy solution for organizing children's entertainment at the pool or water park in a hotel.

The water attraction “Rainbow” is permitted for use by children aged 3 to 7.

We offer water rides and slides for children, with the possibility of installation on pools in water parks, hotels, private or public pools. We will find and offer the most suitable to your site attraction with services of installation, warranty and after-warranty service. Here you can buy a children's water slide.

Technical specifications

Dimensions     6.0*0.68*2.49 m
Start height    2.0 m
Age of visitors   >3 <7 years
Water supply   4 m3/hour

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