Design & Planning

For the planning, development, creation, opening, and management of water parks, amusement parks, and other entertainment complexes, we provide a variety of services.

Our experts are prepared to provide their services at any point in the implementation of your facility, from market research and analysis through design work and supervision to operational optimisation and staff training.

Why do you need to cooperate with us?

Taking a unique strategy with each client

Taking a unique strategy with each client

Meticulousness for details at every level of operation

Comprehensive market analyses at each phase of project

Comprehensive market analyses at each phase of project

Effective and efficient business tool for the investor, the best area for a client's leisure

Strict adherence to EN guidelines

Strict adherence to EN guidelines

Careful compliance to legal requirements at every level of operation

Rigorous abiding to the performance time and the sequence of actions

Rigorous abiding to the performance time and the sequence of actions

Design and implementation of operational-calendar plan for each project

Facts about the company

  • 600 000 sq.m.

    The area of projected public facilities is more than 600 000 sq.m.

  • 25 000 000

    The annual turnover of our facilities ranges from 25 000 000 euros

  • 1 500 000

    At least 1 500 000 visitors annually in our facilities

Expert Fun Company services

A modern water entertainment facility is a complex mechanism, and it works best when user preferences, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation are balanced. The concepts put forth in the concept stage, the technical choices made at the project stage, and the proper placement on the market all contribute to the operating facility's financial performance.

When beginning a new project, our team first evaluates all of the data already available in the construction industry, including the market competition, the availability of external technical conditions, the purchasing power, and the project's implementation budget. Based on the data analysis, we provide our clients a unique package that best suits the circumstances of the market at the time, with the option of a future upgrade in phases to maintain the top spot.

Our key objective is to meet visitor needs while at the same time avoiding going above the customer's allowed financial limit. We will offer a roadmap and practical measures for project implementation by utilising our in-depth knowledge and thorough industry analytics.

Our team's design and concept solutions are adaptable for usage with any equipment currently on the market, allowing for the best equipment manufacturers and specialised inventory choices to achieve the lowest cost for the facility. The payback period for our projects ranges from one to eight years, with the option of modernization and adaption to reflect potential market trends and client demands. 

All proposed services are carried out in compliance with technical rules and guidelines, including any certification criteria particular to a given nation that apply to the area where the project is being carried out.

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