Waterparks planning


Waterparks planning

We can offer a broad choice of concepts tailored for your water park: seasonal, all-year-round or combined. The concept development is relying on a set of expert decisions based off the urban, architectural, artistic, functional, environmental, technical and other site-specific requirements of the water park.

The overall concept and basic stylistic idea of a water park, the object’s layout, technical and economic characteristics. Financial planning and project assessment, an implementation plan and return on investment including calculation of the payback period.

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Waterparks planning

Beautiful and functional design is not enough for the commercial success of the complex.

You need to find a delicate balance between functionality, aesthetics, rational cost, social effect and economic profitability.Only by combining and studying all these data you can get a competitive and highly-profitable facility.

The most important element at the stage of birth of a new business based on leisure is strategic planning and creating a concept-project of the complex. It primarily defines the strategic orientation as well as future business tactics, target audience, key technical and economic indicators and requirements to external technical conditions. At this stage long-term targets are set and a strategy to achieve them is developed. In addition, resources are provided to implement these strategies.

1.  Set up an idea

2.  Make it workable

3.  Calculate the profitability


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Before starting work on the overall concept of the complex, a thorough analysis of the terrain, regional competition, environment and entertainment market trends is carried out.

Based on the obtained data, the Expert Fun specialists develop the layout of a future complex, select the necessary elements of infrastructure, types of attractions, entertaining content, distribution of flows, zoning and automation and access control, selection of equipment and contractors.

Due to this, all subdivisions of the customer’s company or of the managing company will receive crucial information about the complex before large investment and start of full-fledged design.

We create the concept of the water park with exact reference to the proposed location and requirements of the target audience.

The main objective is to offer the concept with maximum capacity in the future, upgradeable and with financial efficiency.


  • - Analysis of the site proposed for the project implementation and its surroundings;
  • - Development of schematic floor plans of a building;
  • - Calculation of the requirements for external technical conditions;
  • - Development of a master plan for the water park with an arrangement in the scale of all functional elements, attraction pools, structures, etc;
  • - Developing the functional zoning of the water park, balance of areas and flows;
  • - Calculation of the object cost, financial indicators and payback points.

The waterpark concept-project also includes financial indicators of the future complex:

  • - Forecast of income/expenditure of the complex;
  • - Calculation of the total cost of the object;
  • - Calculation of the payback point;
  • - Technical and economic characteristics.

If necessary, the concept-project of a water park can include several launch queues of the complex and its future upgrades. With this information, the customer can work on finding partners to implement the object, attracting credit funds, sale of the object, etc.

It is rather difficult to overestimate the importance of the development of the water park concept because, for relatively small funds, the customer receives the most necessary information for the object implementation within the shortest possible time. Moreover, on the basis of the concept before the design phase  it is possible  to start work with the equipment and attraction manufacturer WHICH SAVES YOU FROM 3 TO 9 MONTHS.

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