Turnkey outdoor waterparks start at $450 000. Payback period up to 24 months!


Turnkey outdoor waterparks start at $450 000. Payback period up to 24 months!

Building a waterpark with a core set of infrastructural components for a memorable family holiday. The provided aquapark construction project features a minimal investment and maintenance cost, as well as a 24-month return time.

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Outdoor waterpark turnkey starting with 450 000 $. Payback period up to 24 months!

Analyzing the “Amusement & Water Parks” industry we may surely remark that only certain sectors of society can afford a family holiday at aquapark. Current orientation of the market development - is the construction of huge, all-season, indoor waterparks including premium class modern equipment. The high investment cost of the all year running project (construction, maintenance and operation) is obviously. On the ground of these facts, waterpark owners are unable to offer low-cost services, thereby reducing the customer flow.

Apparently, the all season aquapark facility is a great asset for the “Amusement & Water Parks” market development, which defines the whole industry as a profitable business concept. But in spite of this, for most of citizens a family holiday in waterpark is unaffordable, because of two reasons at least: high cost of the aquapark services and geographical remoteness from the facility.

ExpertFun professional team has developed an ordinary summer aquapark concept, which requires low-cost investment and land plot for construction from 6500 square meters.

Such sample of waterpark concept will be workable and profitable for cities of 80 000 people (within 20-30 km from construction place) in a resort area or a small-town.  

Waterpark project for hotel in UAE
Waterpark project for hotel in UAE
Waterpark project for hotel in UAE
Waterpark project for hotel in UAE
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Additionally, an aquapark will graciously get integrated into recreation center or hotel facility. It will, obviously, rise the profitability and competitiveness of these.

Major key advantage of this aquapark concept is relative low construction and operation cost, maximum capacity and short payback period. 

The presented waterpark concept adjusts to individual features of the land lot. It may be splitted on various functional sectors and built in stages.

0,65 hectare aquapark will include the following:  

  • -          Water tubes and slides for adults (competition, extreme rides)
  • -          Kids water rides zone
  • -          Swimming pool – up to 500 square meters
  • -          Swimming pool for children – up to 260 square meters
  • -          Family restaurant, aqua- and cocktail bar
  • -          Administrative and guest relation facility (cash-desk, restrooms, storage locker, first aid center etc)

Significant reduced costs on operation and maintenance services are achievable due to wise use of the facility’s space and energy save equipment.

Useful Information for Investors:

  • -          Investment amount starting with 450 000 $ (without taking into account the land and connection to the external engineering networks costs)
  • -          Plot of land from 0,65 Hectare
  • -          Aquapark capacity: 350 visitors simultaneously
  • -          Project implementation - 180 -210 days
  • -          Payback period - 2 years (based on 90 days per year operation)

ExpertFun team provides professional services including individual approach on each particular land lot. The requested equipment is carefully defined according to the local competitive environment. Contact us for more detailed information. We are pleased to answer your questions!

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