Construction of a water park / Installation of equipment and water slides


Construction of a water park / Installation of equipment and water slides

Water Park and water-entertainment facility construction of any complexity. Supervision, cost management, tender procurement organization, and quality and performance control of water park specialized construction and installation operations. Construction projects involve the use of cutting-edge technologies, budget optimization, and quality control.

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Construction of a waterpark

Creation of the object, from the first sketch and outline to the project documentation, is the most important process, but at the head of the corner there will always be the accuracy of their implementation at the construction stage and the observance of the calendar plan. The basis of our approach to the construction of a water park is the accuracy of implementing all design solutions in the interests of your business.

Organization of the construction process of the water park is carried out in accordance with the approved work schedule, with a logical and appropriate chain of actions of subcontractors. Our team can take over as a general contract for the entire facility, as well as the execution of individual specialized works, the installation of water slides, water treatment systems for swimming pools, etc. To optimize the estimated cost of the water park, we work closely with local subcontractors, providing author's supervision and quality control of work performed.

Water parks are the most complicated of the constructed water entertainment industry. Longevity and safety of the complex directly depends on the quality of construction and installation works, commissioning, competence in selecting equipment, subcontracting organizations and controlling the process. We are responsible for each stage of work and interaction between all the participants, construction cost of a water park, and the term of implementation at the beginning of works and on their completion will be unchanged.

Upon completion of the construction and installation works, we transfer to the Customer a completely finished facility, we train the maintenance staff and draw up a maintenance schedule for the durable and trouble-free operation of the water park.

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