SPA center concept


SPA center concept

We provide a wide range of services related to designing and building SPA and Wellness centers for commercial use. An integrated approach starting from individual effective financial concept, complete SPA construction and staff training services.

Each SPA concept made by us is designed to meet investor’s individual desires. We take into consideration the local competitive environment, forecast of the market improvement and targeting audience.

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Designing SPA center for commercial use

There are range of pillars of commercial success behind the Wellness industry. Fundamentally, a SPA project is a well-shaped idea of comfortable, flexible and graceful facility including a huge amount of various infrastructure components.

An “up-to-date” SPA facility it’s more then set of hot tubes, saunas and massage therapies. From the very beginning, Wellness & SPA concept must be associated with the well-planned area, harmony based ambience and customer flow organization.

Primary elements of Wellness & SPA facility are different types of sauna (Russian, Finnish, Turkish bath), swimming pool and massage therapies zones.

Supplementary, the SPA complex may be supplied with additional service and appliance, suited for each particular facility (сosmetology and related services, sophisticated ethnic saunas and others).

Wellness & SPA planning project requires advanced comprehension of architectural field; heating, air conditioning and ventilation system features; water treatment of swimming pool and design aspect. Otherwise - it’s unattainable.

More than that, even these theoretical attainments simply cannot guarantee the commercial success of SPA facility. A comprehensive approach, which includes proper concept and corporate identity - leads to commercial success.


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Thanks to the background experience in designing and maintaining SPA facilities, our professional team is able to establish competitive facilities that meet the requirements of the modern market on one hand, and provide well-balanced construction and operation costs on the other hand.

In order to increase the profit and reduce the payback period, we recommend to reflect on energy efficiency concept.

At the planning stage of the SPA concept, each functional unit should be carefully investigated. The forecast of clients’ flow and the communication of technical solutions of the whole system allows to achieve significant savings on the facility maintenance.

One of the main tasks of the project concept of SPA is to consider each technical feature of the future appliances, which is essential for outstanding operation of the SPA center.

Each project plan includes mandatory section filled with technical features, which provide the following information:

  • -       explicative note and executive summary
  • -       planning project with functional zoning facility
  • -       equipment layout plan
  • -       technical specification of the required equipment
  • -       connection scheme to the external engineering networks (such as gas, energy, canalization etc.

The entire list of our well launched projects are produced according to Technical Requirements, Safety Standard in Construction, Department of Fire Safety requirements, State Construction Standards.

We guarantee opportunely supply of stipulated equipment in order to launch the concept project of the SPA facility.

Our advantages

  • 13 years of successful work
  • More than 10 realized projects
  • Area of designed
    objects is more than 400 000 sq km
  • Individual and economically
    beneficial projects

Geography of our work > 10 countries

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova
  • Belarus
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Spain
  • Thailand

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