Walk-in closets and furniture made of HPL plastic


Walk-in closets and furniture made of HPL plastic

Moisture-resistant furniture from HPL plastic for water-entertainment, sports and other commonareas. Walk-in closets, storage cells and lockers for clothes made of HPL plastic. Specialized water-proof furniture from HPL panels is a major solution for public premises with the high humidity. 

The furniture is custom made of HPL panels and anodized aluminum considering all the requirements and particularwishes of the client, as well as characteristics of the particular facility.

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Furniture made of HPL for "wet" premises

A visit to any water-entertainment complex or SPA begins with the entrance panel and locker rooms, from the quality of design reliability of the furniture and fixtures in the walk-in closet, locker rooms and luggage storage zone depends on the client’s first impression from the visit to your facility.

Traditional materials for furniture manufacturing are not suitable for use in a damp environment and storage of wet things and clothes. A wardrobe locker made of chipboard or MDF will last for a very short period of time, followed by its deformation, which will affect the appearance and disable functioning of the locking system. 

The best worldwide recognized material for furniture used in damp premises is HPL plastic.

This material is made from several cellulose cloths impregnated with resin and the top decorative sheet impregnated with melamine resin. All cloths are glued on the industrial press at a high temperature and form a single moisture-resistant sheet of material.

wardrobe for SPA
wardrobe for SPA
wardrobe for SPA
wardrobe for SPA
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Under the influence of high pressure and temperature, dry resins contained in cellulose spread around the layer of the material and harden while cooling.

We offer lockers, changing rooms and cells for storage chambers made of HPL plastic. HPL plastic is waterproof, resistant to moisture, acid and chemical detergents. Due to its durability and resistance to physical damage, the material meets the anti-vandal requirements of a public complex.

Another no lesser significant feature of the material is its non-combustibility, in accordance with applicable fire regulations. All furniture made of HPL plastic can be washed with water or steam both wet cleaning and flowing jet.

The skeleton of walk-in closet lockers, cells of storage chambers and changing cabins is made of anodized aluminum, forming the frame of the whole structure of the required firmness. Door hinges are made of solid profile that eliminates any possibility of damage or breaking.

HPL plastic roduction technology allows you to make facade sheets of wardrobes in any color, with customized prints, photos, logos or other graphic information.

We offer cabinets and furniture from HPL plastic of typical and customized sizes. Walk-in closets and dressing cabins can be equipped with:

 - benches from HPL laths and anodized aluminum;

 - automatic locking systems with contactless sensors of reading bracelets and cards or a receiver for coins;

- height adjustable cabinet legs;

- ventilation holes;

- additional fittings made of stainless steel AISI 316 l.

Furniture made of HPL plastic is indispensable for water parks, wellness centers, SPAs, rehabilitation centers, massage parlors, club fitness centers and other establishments with a damp environment and "wet" premises.

Here you can order and buy HPL cabins for changing clothes, lockers and luggage storage, produced in our production of the finest materials from European manufacturers with a guarantee of high quality and durability.

Typical sizes of wardrobe lockers from HPL

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