Electronic locking system


Electronic locking system

Electronic locking system "offline" and "online" for wardrobe rooms and storage chambers whithin the common areas. Designed to be paired with furniture made of any material, in premises with high humidity and extreme environment. 

Automatic remote control and access management with a possibility of data collection enabling statistical surveys and optimization of the flow of visitors in the premises. All customers of your facility will stay satisfied with a remarkable quality and practicality of the walk-in closet.

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"Online" and "Offline" Locking system

The most important element of automation of a walk-in closet, entrance and storage of any public assembly is a locking system. In water parks, Wellness and SPA the client feels extremely uncomfortable on the facility campus with a personal storage cell key, so this issue is resolved by installing automated safety systems with a slot for reading contactless water-proof bracelets or client cards.

Having received a bracelet or card at the box office, the client will be able to use it to lock and unlock the storage cell in the locker room, proceed to the additional charge zone and pay for the services on campus.

"Online" locking systems:

  • - Connected to a single network and can be remotely operated by a manager or supervisor of the facility;
  • -The visitors can choose any empty cell in a walk-in closet and “snap” their bracelets to them;
  • -Online gathering of all cells work data, analytics on work of the walk-in closet area to optimize traffic flows and loading;
  • - workability depends on the power supply and health of the entire control system;
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“Offline” locking system: 

  • - Autonomous work, regardless of the overall automation system operation;
  • - The locking system is powered by 4 batteries; whose capacity is sufficient for 30,000 locking cycles (2-5 years of operation);
  • - Battery charge indication for each locking cycle, the lock fails to close with low battery charge;
  • - Each bracelet/card is "snapped" to a particular cell, the user cannot change the cell after receiving the bracelet/key;

Electronic locking systems are made in a vandal-resistant housing, can be made in the left or right version. Can be used in cabinets and walk-in closets for any purpose.

“Expert Fun” offers you to buy "offline" and "online" electronic locking system both for our software in the package proposal for automation of the complex, and separately to connect to any third-party software.

All offered by our company electronic locking systems are made of the finest electronic components produced in Germany, Italy and Korea. The supporting structure of the lock is made from anodized aluminum, which excludes corrosion and ensures high resistance to hacking. Electronic locks are designed for use in a damp and aggressive environment, assure reliable and trouble-free operation for years to come. For more than 10 years our electronic locking systems have been used in automated walk-in closets and storage chambers in water parks and public water-entertainment complexes in Europe and the CIS.

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