Project for a water park: safety, energy efficiency, and payback time

A water park is a very sophisticated multipurpose building. From one perspective, since visitors like it, everyone benefits from the scenario. On the other hand, the facility's complexity necessitates that every component function flawlessly. Otherwise, operating issues at the water park could not be avoided.

When planning a water park project, a lot of requirements must be satisfied. The first step is creating a concept that strictly complies with the target audience's requirements and preferences for the attraction type, the facility's flow logistics, and any other infrastructure components. The design stage comes next, and it should incorporate specific technology and architectural solutions. Additionally, the hired professionals need a wide range of abilities and experience working with such sizable water and entertainment facilities. Only if the water park is created in line with the project, which was developed in strict agreement with the existing regulations and standards in the industry, will it operate effectively and safely. In comparison to a similar project for a public pool or pool complex, the estimate and equipment selection for a water park project are very different. Each water park feature has a significantly bigger capacity than what is often indicated by public pools.

Project for water park


The top concern in the design of any complex for public amusement is safety. The water park's water slide project goes through a number of steps of safety parameter evaluation. To ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations, a software simulator is used to evaluate the facility's computer model. The manufacturer receives a report on the potential rates of fall, the visitor's path inside the chute, and the tested accelerations based on the results of the check. If the report deviates from the safety standard tolerances, the form and direction of the attraction are adjusted as necessary. The attraction model moves forward with manufacturing after the last inspection and compliance report, and its drawings are incorporated into the design.

To assure the quality of the water during peak loads with the greatest number of people, the pool project for a water park must contain a calculation of a high-capacity water treatment system. All cladding, launch pads, and bypass materials must adhere to the safety requirements for water-entertainment complexes in order to be used.

Efficiency in energy

The cutting-edge water park project features a real-time equipment monitoring system that automatically modifies performance parameters based on the amount of people present at a given moment. Energy-intensive water park systems (such the surf pool, wave pool system, flow in the artificial river, etc.) will use up to 40% less energy if the schedule can be rapidly and easily changed. At least 20% less energy and chemical is consumed when water quality, filtration, and disinfection systems are automatically controlled.  

Payback interval

The only way to save costs while creating a water park is to employ resources and technologies that conserve energy. The earliest stages of the work should include a discussion of this issue. In essence, the technologist must already be involved in the creation of the company's business strategy. As you will have to redo a lot of things, you will prevent blunders and extra expenses that are certain to result from miscalculations.


A good economic situation and the seamless operation of the water park both depend on properly implemented technological solutions. Expert investors and clients pay close attention to this topic because they are aware of it. The choice of workers is made with great care. It is a huge duty to create technology solutions for a water park. Money from investors, the facility's state, and visitors' lives are all responsible. Real professionals who aren't intimidated by working on projects of this size should handle such tasks. We know from experience that highly skilled professionals don't make mistakes, and the products they produce are flawless (as long as there were no undue savings).

Do not forget that a water park is a distinct category of amusement park. It is a piece of equipment with extremely intricate water structures and particular operational requirements. So, you can trust the experts at our organization with such a project.

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