Projects of a water parks and water-entertainment facilities

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Projects of a water parks and water-entertainment facilities

Design of any complexity of water park and water-entertainment facilities. All documentation is created in accordance with the regulations in effect at the location of the project. We are carefully assessing the project's technical and operational aspects, accessibility of external capacity effecting technical conditions, environmental health and safety, both active and passive, and budgetary constraints. The facility's quality, safety, and maintenance are heavily reliant on the underlying experience, deployed resources, technologies, materials, and technical solutions. We provide a balanced and efficient project execution method that takes into account all key elements.

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Project of water park and water-entertainment complexes

Based on the concept and sketch project of a water park or a water-entertainment complex we develop the project documentation and make the final planning decisions, including all required cuts, facades and plans on a scale of 1:500, 1:250 and 1: 200.

The constituent parts of the project documentation, each of which can be ordered separately or as a whole entire project:

  • 1. General explanatory note (with initial permissive documentation);
  • 2. Situational plan and topography of the site;
  • 3. Architectural solutions;
  • 4. Interior design and artwork of the complex;
  • 5. landscape design - for outside, open objects;
  • 6. Design and space-planning solutions;
  • 7. Engineering equipment and engineering networks data, a list of engineering activities, content of technology solutions (including HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electricity, water supply, sewerage, etc.);
Design of water park
Design of water park
Design of water park
Design of water park
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  • 8. Design project of pools;
  • 9. Water treatment system of pools and water supply on the rides;
  • 10. Water attractions solution, launch pads and bearing structures for them;
  • 11. Financial engineering and automation of the complex solutions;
  • 12. Construction works design;
  • 13. The list of for environmental activities;
  • 14. The list of fire safety activities;
  • 15. The list of activities to ensure access for the disabled;
  • 16. Budget documentation.

Based on the project and working documentation, we develop tender specifications for drawing up a technical task for equipment suppliers and contractors. To pass the local procedures for obtaining the approval and permits for the project documentation we will prepare all the necessary plans, forms and calculations under the current regulatory framework in the region.

At all stages of design, the Customer will be provided with full transparency on the anticipated expenses. All project data at every stage, including data on costs, will be presented to the Customer, who will have the opportunity at any time to affect the progress of the project. This arrangement ensures that, if the costs rise too much, the Customer will have plenty of time to reduce or eliminate any costs. Resizing certain zones or complete rejection of them is a normal process in a variety of projects.

All design stages will be carried out in accordance with the principle of "budget planning".

The stages of work on the project of the water park:

1. Concept-project including the project cost assessment (accuracy +/-20%);
2. Project documentation, including calculation of cost (accuracy +/-10%);
3.Working documentation, including the conduct of a tender (collecting of commercial offers) and the cost estimate (accuracy +/-5%);

Each stage of the water park project will be implemented in close cooperation with the Customer. The basis for the completion of each stage of work is coordination of its full composition with the Customer and approval of calculation of expenses for its implementation and, if necessary, adjustments to the required volume.

If the facility is sold outside the territory of Ukraine, project organizations that have the necessary permits to adapt the project in the construction region and undergo the project examination and other necessary procedures will be involved.

The project documentation can be developed either in Russian or English in accordance with the current regulations operating in the region of implementation and the European standards.

At your request, we are ready to include in our professional team experts in water park management. They can be used as consultants from the first days of the project implementation (zoning of the water park, sizes of different parts, the right combination of attractions, etc.) until its completion and training of staff.

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  • More than 10 realized projects
  • Area of designed
    objects is more than 400 000 sq km
  • Individual and economically
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